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La Bodeguita Del Medio in Palo Alto (463 California Ave, CA 94306)

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Trendy sibling of the Havana original offers Cuban fare, cigars & rum cocktails in a colorful space.

La Bodeguita Del Medio is located in Palo Alto (California state) on the street of 463 California Ave. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +16503267762. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find La Bodeguita Del Medio quickly are 37.425433, -122.145200. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about La Bodeguita Del Medio.

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Reviews about La Bodeguita Del Medio - 10


I loved this place for many years as a vegetarian. Then I went vegan and hadn't been in quite some time. I tried it again recently since the start of the pandemic and they now have a couple of really tasty vegan options. And the drinks are delicious and authentic. Plus the vibe is always super cool and the staff is great.



Food is ok, not as flavourful as it is visually appealing, fried Yuka could use a little extra frying. We arrived without a reservation and the place was pretty much empty yet the person out front made it seem as most of the tables were already reserved, so we were given very little options for seating, nobody sat in those "reserved tables" during the whole time we were there(and we stayed for quite a while). I wouldn't really choose to eat at this place again.



Dragged my Cuban husband here for happy hour, will not ever return, because the food is not of good quality. (Also, for those looking for authentic Cuban food, this is not it.) After trying their too salty foods, we puffed up, our eyes are very puffy (like when you eat high sodium ramen late at nite). It was very empty at around 4, but guess they fill up later, because we were told we have to vacate our table by 5:30 pm. The server really pushed the brand new cocktail that he said was so new, it wasn't even on the menu, so I gave it a try. It was a watery orange juice. We ordered two items from the happy hour menu (chicharrones and calamari) and from the regular menu the croquetas, empanadas, and yuca fries. We did specify no beans (😆we are always getting, what you're Cuban and you don't eat beans? What you're Asian and you don't eat rice?) Server decided we were just going to have the empanadas plain, even though I tried twice to tell him we did want the purple cabbage slaw that comes with the empanadas, just not the black bean salsa or coconut sauce (we don't like coconut meat/milk/flavor, although we do like fresh coconut water). The calamari was so incredibly salty, tiny and dry, possibly freezer burn. The amount of salt coating the calamari burned our mouth, there was just so much salt. The yuca fries were not fried crisp, but soft and chewy. All the sauces were mayo but the yuca fries came with a thin bbq sauce that tasted like watered down mexican chipotle. The empanadas were very piggy, I could not eat them due to the smell. It kind of looked like a wet mushy, ropa vieja stuffing. My husband braved the rancid manteca odor, tried it and said it was mushy, very salty, and he got some chunks of pure fat. The chicharrones arrived along with lemon wedges that we would have liked with the calamari. Rubbery dark pinkish meat, not as salty, would not describe this as chicharrón but as fried pork cutlet pieces. We flagged one of the many employees to cancel the croquetas since it's been a half hour, and we are about done. He asks who is our server, we don't know because our server didn't introduce himself and we didn't ask. The gentleman walks away, we think he said don't worry about it? But then no one gets back to us on this. After waiting a bit, we flag another employee down to ask for our bill, and when we check it has been removed. We pay, leave only $10 tip due to the poor food and service, (toss-up between Cascal MV, both have 4stars but our experiences were not) debate whether we want to speak to a manager, then when not one of the many staff members pay attention we decide not to waste any more time. This is an insult to the original La Bodeguita in Havana.



Seafood Ajiaco was delicious. Creamy sauce with mussels, shrimps and lobster tails.



This place surprised me by the variety of food. They have a good selection of seafood and chicken dishes. Among drinks, J.S.P.M is one of the best. Quality of service is something that's a huge plus to this place. Authentic cuban food and excellent service and this place is definitely a must if you are a seafood lover. Caribbean curry is a must try dish, because the spice level is balanced to the perfection



Great selection of mixed drinks and craft beers to go with all the delicious food. The appetizers are fairly small, so you should probably only split between two people. There's so much flavor in each bite and it's impressive the number of elements they are able to combine well on one plate. The entrees are very large and most of the people in my group were stuffed by the end of the main course. There's also a handful of desserts as well as post-dinner wines. Cigars are available to top off the night!



You cannot go wrong with anything on this menu! They're known for their mojitos which did not disappoint and every entree we tried was phenomenal. Our friend who is a long time guest said it's one of those places you want to order the same thing because it was so good but you have to try everything else too otherwise you'd be missing out. Wait staff also took great care of us! Highly recommend the crab cake appetizer as well as the chocolate rum cake for dessert. Will definitely make trips back here.



Excellent authentic Cuban food. It was worth the price. We tried a wide variety from their menu, including dessert. I would definitely go back again.



This place is a gem and such a perfect date spot. They're empanada are so savory and crunchy (and that's the real test to pass isn't it?!). We both enjoyed our entrees. We're definitely looking forward to coming back and trying a few more things on their menu.



Great meal with friends! Spacious place, with outdoor sitting. Food is totally worth it and staff is really nice and helpful.


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