Here you'll find the best places in Reidsville (North Carolina). We found 29 places.

Dollar General

I haven't ever been in this dollar general till last night it was white lady and black working I walked it with a air wick plug that I bough from my house and a light bulb.The white lady accused me of stealing a empty wick from the store and wouldn't move so o could get to the register to pay for what I got. I will never go back there my mom recommended me to go there said they had more than the one in Reidsville. The law was never called but I should have called them the way she was accusing me ~Amber

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Burger King

Went in to get a simple order, manager and a staff mbr got in a very loud argument while we were waiting on food...ordered a burger with just home and it wasn't made like I ordered it had everything on it. I guess cooks were paying attention to the big argument and yelling instead of making correct orders. ~Amy

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