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CVS in Auburn (676 Southbridge St, MA 01501)

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Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

CVS is located in Auburn (Massachusetts state) on the street of 676 Southbridge St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +15088326257. You can get more information from their website: https://www.cvs.com/store-locator/auburn-ma-pharmacies/676-southbridge-street-auburn-ma-01501/storeid=708?WT.mc_id=LS_GOOGLE_FS_708. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find CVS quickly are 42.185328, -71.857771. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about CVS.

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Are the opening hours of CVS up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? CVS is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is CVS listed in? How is CVS rated? What is the address of CVS? How to Get in Touch With CVS?

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Inadvertently consumed water that was 6 weeks past its expiration date due to CVS' negligence in properly rotating their product. I was caused unnecessary stress when I realized I'd drank the whole bottle and that it was expired, as I am in my third trimester of pregnancy. Upon returning from my "babymoon" vacation, I immediately went to CVS with both the bottles and the receipt to let them know what happened. I was promptly scolded for "not coming in sooner." Only 10 days had elapsed, and as I stated before, I was on vacation and out of town. No one at the store seemed to care in the slightest about my complaint. I then contacted CVS Customer Service who gave me a case number and indicated I'd be receiving a call from their Distributor. After a week passed and I'd heard from no one, I called back only to be told that the case had been closed without contact and that they considered it resolved. I am now currently in contact with their insurance company, who also doesn't seem to care in the slightest because me and my baby apparently didn't get sick enough for their liking. It's really ironic that CVS is a drugstore and pharmacy that claims to focus on health, and yet could not care less about the health of their patrons, and actually puts their customers at risk through their actions and lack thereof. Despicable.



If you aren't going to open at your posted hours you should change the post. Left work to pick up my prescriptions and apparently we are waiting for the pharmacist before they can open. Your customer's time is just as important as yours is. Be more considerate.



I had scheduled a Covid booster at this location 2 weeks in advance of the appointment. I get a voicemail the day of, saying that the person giving the immunization leaves a full six hours before the appointment time I booked online - and could I come in within the next two hours. Of course, I did not get the message until after it was too late - and then when I tried to call, no one picked up (I gave up after a half hour on hold). I have a two month old baby at home, and my husband and I rearranged both our schedules in order to accommodate the appointment I had booked. Astounding incompetence and completely unacceptable!



Extremely rude service. For better service simply visit another CVS. When asked for the name of an extremely rude pharmacy tech I was told she would not give it to me. After calling another CVS and corporate, please know they HAVE to disclose first names! The manager at this location Vicky flat out lied. Said she heard my conversation with the tech when she was on phone. If so what kind of quality care was the manager who also illegally withheld her name giving the patient on the phone? Save yourself an hour headache and roll on to a store with a kinder staff. Not to mention when they thought i left they continued to talk about me to other employees and customers. Embarrassing and harassing. They threatened to call the police when I asked for their names and refused to give me a pen to call corporate. When the staff handing your meds knows every detail about you and you can't know their first name something is wrong. Beware!



This pharmacy is DRASTICALLY understaffed. It takes 20-30 minutes for them to answer the phone and the last time I was there, there were 10 people in line with only one person at the checkout. I don't blame the workers, who are clearly very stressed - but management, if you're reading this, STAFF YOUR PHARMACY PROPERLY. Please and thank you.



I'd give it zero stars if I could. If you plan on using them as your pharmacy, they do not answer the phone. At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking it had to just be a busy day. If you are on any kind of medication, just realize they do not answer the phone. I've been on hold for over 2.5 hours at least 1 - 2 times a week. They also do strange things like put your prescriptions in plastic sandwich bags. The pharmacy often has a line. Seems like they are extremely understaffed (for the pharmacy portion anyways).



The people at this CVS are always amazing! Short staffed and stressed they always have the answers to my questions and are pleasant. My scripts are ready when they say they will be!



Halloween 10:30 pm. No one was at the store, no cars outside. Waited 10 minutes. I rang the bell multiple times, yelled for help, yelled at the back room door, still no answer and no sign of any employee. Sure glad I came to a 24 store that keeps most things people in pain need behind the counter. So having self checkout doesn't matter. Worst experience I've ever had in a store.



Everyone here is working so hard and they are warm and friendly to all their customers despite their work stress. They need more help in order to provide better service. The wait times at the store are very long. Trying to get through on the phone is almost impossible. CVS corporate needs to resolve this issue if they care about their employees.



I've been going to CVS for a long time but we just moved to Auburn last year. Every time I go in it is an absolute ZOO and you are waiting for a while no matter why you are there. My son's Dr. called in an EpiPen prescription, I was told it wasn't available and to come back in 2 days. I called 2 days later and after sitting on hold for 35 minutes I was told to try back in another 2 days and there was a problem with the shipment. I said fine I get it, not under your control, so I asked the pharmacy if they could call or text me when it was ready. I was immediately told no we can't do that (really? other locations do I'm fairly certain!) and it was explained to me that if I wasn't there immediately when the prescription was ready they would use our order to fill others who were in the store when the shipment arrived. I also have a CVS card and for whatever reason, out of my control, when they scan it my information is always missing. So they have to enter it all again, with 20 people waiting behind me, and then of course I'm told there is nothing they can do and I'll have to call "Corporate". I called the number and after sitting on hold for 40 minutes I gave up. The consensus from reviewers and people in town seems to be moving to Auburn Pharmacy across the street...will be doing that as soon as I am able.


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