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Food Lion

The food lion in knightdale is on the money, I've visited twice recently and they were fully stocked, I must say this is the food lion to get everything u are looking for, I wish some of the other ones stayed this well stocked ~Josie

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grocery store

CAA, Inc.

They hold grudges there. I went to Mahoning County and they were so friendly. I didnt want to ever go there again. They scoured over my tax return that was accepted by IRS for an hour like I was a criminal. Tried to call today just to ask some questions and the lady laura said I was raising my voice. I am hard of hearing and sometimes I talk louder but I was trying to be overly kind because they try to make it look like I am a problem. I never call alone or I have a 3 way call so they can hear I was am being nice on the call. They dont like questions either. I AM a crime victim and was carbon monoxide poisoned and when I was being poisoned I would have trouble getting everything together. I Would leave there crying. Always treated me like I was a shady person. No criminal background ever. All exaggerations so they can block me from any help to keep this vendenna ~Patricia

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community center

Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q

I was in there today and the have changed the recipe on chicken and barbecued. It tasted tastes awful. The wasn't seasoned good (to much vinegar and wasn't full cooked (white). The chicken was batter was thicker. Barbecued was cold. What happened? Why did you change the recipe??? I also filled out a complaint form. I will not be back. Another lost customer. I dined in. Customer service was great. That was the only thing. ~Kathy

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Knightdale Family Medicine

Nice clean office however, can not keep Providers. They change Dr's or FNP every month (seems like) you will never see your assigned Provider. Please, whatever you do...... Do not schedule an appt with Tara Harris FNP. She teaches part time and she does not care about the health of her patient's she only wants to teach. when you have bloodwork done or xray's you will never revd a call back regarding your results. Ofcourse, the good Drs are no longer accepting patients. Don't waste your time with this office. You need someone who cares about health and wellbeing and this office is not the one that put patient's health first. Please research Tara Harris, she has worked at several offices in the area. she can't keep a job from Dr shelley west office in zebulon, Dr Ronald Intini office in wendell just to name a few. Stay away. ~Latonya

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medical clinic