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Big Lots

Pathetic service, the dining table delivered damaged upon arrival( for which I paid 100 bugs), and the store executive expecting me to come and drop it , when your charging extra for delivery , isn’t that your responsibility to come and pick it back from my home ( If I had a truck , why would I pay 100$ for delivery in first place? )First time purchased from big lots never coming back again ! ~surya

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Excess Storage

I started a reservation for a storage space online and decided to finish it the next day. I needed to finish settling a few things first. Avery responded to my work in progress and the next day followed up with me. He answered several questions- about the units, the insurance versus renters insurance, the lease, the location in relationship to the nearest UHaul and family member addresses. He took the time to do all my research and then he even e-mailed it all to me as well. Avery is great and I really appreciate how easy he made getting this storage space when there’s just so much to do when moving! ~Jessica

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Went through the drive thru.. was friendly service... was out of one of the items but understood with pandemic shortages. Prices in NC much better than in NY... but they forgot items and I had to go in and then wait for the items to cook. Could have told me in the drive thru it would be a couple of minutes for them to be ready.. 2 pies... not long to fry. But to give me my order like it was all there and then I go in and they had to cook them made me feel like they gave me my order hoping I wouldn't notice. But my fiance was happy with getting Popeye's so that was all that matters... if you go through the drive thru... check your bag before leaving the window ~Karen

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Great food and great location. The customer service is awesome! At first I was hesitant to use their drive thru because the lines were so long, but I'm glad I tried it! They have a terrific system set up, with LOTS of staff actually outside, making the flow go really smoothly and FAST. They even have runners bringing orders to cars in line rather than waiting for them to come to the window if there's any kind of a holdup with an order. I was really impressed. Good job for thinking outside the box!! Whoever set that system up needs a promotion and a raise!!! Thanks for the hot food, and service with a smile... lots of them from all the employees I had contact with every time I went!! ~Monica

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Food Lion

The food lion in knightdale is on the money, I've visited twice recently and they were fully stocked, I must say this is the food lion to get everything u are looking for, I wish some of the other ones stayed this well stocked ~Josie

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Kay Jewelers

I went to Kay Jewelers with my parents to find a watch for my dad and Britney helped us try to find one. She provided great customer service and was able to answer all of the questions that we had. She was super friendly and very professional! She definitely made our experience 100% better! ~Maria

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CAA, Inc.

They hold grudges there. I went to Mahoning County and they were so friendly. I didnt want to ever go there again. They scoured over my tax return that was accepted by IRS for an hour like I was a criminal. Tried to call today just to ask some questions and the lady laura said I was raising my voice. I am hard of hearing and sometimes I talk louder but I was trying to be overly kind because they try to make it look like I am a problem. I never call alone or I have a 3 way call so they can hear I was am being nice on the call. They dont like questions either. I AM a crime victim and was carbon monoxide poisoned and when I was being poisoned I would have trouble getting everything together. I Would leave there crying. Always treated me like I was a shady person. No criminal background ever. All exaggerations so they can block me from any help to keep this vendenna ~Patricia

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