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This place is the pits!!!!!!! It takes forever to get a meal. I went at breakfast time twice and both times the breakfast menu was not up. Nothing was prepared to be made as "quick food", it was more like " quit food!" I ask for a light coffee after waiting for my seasoned breakfast potatoes, and got a large cup of hot water and milk!! It was so light, it beat the sun shining!! I went back to the manager for a ready made orange juice and she gave me a refund for my troubles. Once there was a "Door dash" person waiting on an order for delivering and she said she can't make any money due to the wait everytime she goes to this location. Mind you , there is never anyone in there when I go for breakfast!!! Save yourself people! DON'T GO TO THIS LOCATION!! YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YOU DO!! ~Deb

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Auntie Anne's

Today I had the best customer service with Danny and Sam they are so kind and so helpful everything I asked for and needed they Catered to in detail. And the pretzel they made me was so fresh and so soft it was so amazing to see them behind the counter hand making everything. so you know it’s fresh!. Great service and postive Atmosphere. Thanks ladies!!! ~Angelina

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Have had multiple problems with this store. Staff is rude and condescending. Manager has no control over staff. They treat you like they are doing you a favor to just do their job at minimal level required. Have left this location and moved to another. It's like night and day. Other location staff is cheerful, helpful, and pleasant to deal with. I don't know what the problem at Ninth St is, but it reflects badly on CVS, corporate needs to know!!!! ~Kurt

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