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So I get there to go change my check before 8:00 cause that’s the time that they close it was about to be 8:00 but it was still 7 something and they guy has the audacity to say that it’s close and that my phone time is wrong and when clearly it’s not and I even asked someone for the time behind me and it wasn’t 8:00 yet, and so he didn’t change my check because they close before time, when they should be closing AT 8:00 NOT 7:00. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE GO TO ANOTHER PLACE, THIS PEOPLE DON’T CARE. ~Steve

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Walmart Supercenter

So I'm not going to lie, I know a lot of folks have some critical reviews about this store, but I've been going here since 2003, and I its part of my Houston experience!! They have everything, as in you know how people say "Walmart has everything", these folks have everything!!! So best believe I still go here and will give them a good review!!! ~Jin

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Nails Beautiful Day Spa

I visited for a pedicure. Easy and simple pedicure. The lady carved out so deep from the side of my big toenail that I ended up bleeding. And she still left a piece of the nail inside. I asked her to stop and left after paying. I went to my car and saw the piece of mail inside and wondered if when it’ll grow could be painful. I went back, and the manager seemed annoyed by my complaint. Another person ended up removing the small piece. Terrible experience; I would never come back again Service: Manicures ~brenda

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Great Clips

It is currently 9:52 AM on Tuesday may 17th 2022. I asked the girl for a fade, and she said she doesn't do fades. At 1st I asked for a bald fade, and she said she doesn't do those. Then I asked if she does any fade at all and she said it wasn't her specialty. I conversated with her for about 5 minutes trying to get her to explain why she doesn't do fades. It's like 80% of all haircuts. She claimed that that's everybody else, but she does not do fades. There was another customer, and after hearing that he left. I don't normally write comments, but it's just flabbergasting to not do a basic fade in a haircut service facility ~Dennis

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Level 6 Krav Maga

I’ve been training at Level 6 for a few months ago, and absolutely love it. Dan, Parker and Joe are amazing coaches - they’re very fun to learn from, and have a ton of expertise. Every single class I’ve attended has been different, but they’re all high energy, exciting, and a nice full body workout. Would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to learn some self defense, enjoys fighting, or just wants a fun way to get in shape! 5/5 ~Hannah

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