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So I get there to go change my check before 8:00 cause that’s the time that they close it was about to be 8:00 but it was still 7 something and they guy has the audacity to say that it’s close and that my phone time is wrong and when clearly it’s not and I even asked someone for the time behind me and it wasn’t 8:00 yet, and so he didn’t change my check because they close before time, when they should be closing AT 8:00 NOT 7:00. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE GO TO ANOTHER PLACE, THIS PEOPLE DON’T CARE. ~Steve

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Walmart Supercenter

Pick-up is horrible, I waited for 30 minutes before getting an email saying my pick-up is complete and rate the transaction. Then another 40 minutes after talked to two associates and a leader. I understand this sensitive time but don't promise what you can't do. The worse thing is, no organization or management as where customers can contact if their items get lost. I don't have time for miscommunication and no respect to customer. ~Bichthuy

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Visible Changes (inside Memorial City)

I sent my three daughters who are 15, 11 and 8 here to get haircuts. They asked questions about the prices in advance and then got their haircuts. The manager then charged them double the amount quoted and was rude and condescending when my daughters asked questions. One haircut was also pretty poorly done as the shaving in the back of the head was uneven. I loved this place when I was growing up. So disappointed, we will never come here again! ~Laura

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