10 Best fashion accessories store in Atlanta, Georgia (GA) 2023

In our listing you'll find the best places from the fashion accessories store category in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the most popular zip codes in Atlanta, GA for fashion accessories store include 30326, 30346, 30339, 30308.
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UGG Lenox Square

Tacky store associates. I went in to look for a pair of uggs and I asked them what it was like working in such a busy mall and the girl goes “ well first of all we don’t work In a mall we work in a store” this was weird and sounded pretty stupid. Then you can hear the young man gossiping about you as you shop and as you leave so I found that disturbing. Not a comfortable store experience. This is an ugg store not Bergdorf Goodman. ~Kirby

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The short, black, light skinned woman at the Lenox location first tried to speak to me as if I stole my item saying she didn’t see me walk in with it. Ok, I have the receipt I just want to exchange sooooo what’s the issue? I felt like she said that to me based on how I looked. If I was older she would have never said that to me. She then started saying I couldn’t exchange and I need to return. Bro I grabbed my sweater and left and reported her to the regional manager. I shop far too often at J crew for any clerk to try and insult me. ~Kori

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