10 Best fashion accessories store in Atlanta, Georgia (GA) 2024

In our listing you'll find the best places from the fashion accessories store category in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the most popular zip codes in Atlanta, GA for fashion accessories store include 30326, 30346, 30339, 30308.
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Even when I was a young and fit soldier it was difficult for me to find clothes that fit, but middle age, cancer, a pandemic and a sedentary job have taken their toll. I want to thank Dillard's for maintaining a Big and Tall store for men. More importantly, I want to thank Violet for being so helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. I have an in person customer meeting to lead in a couple days and needed some threads (it was on very short notice). Thanks for taking the worry out of being able to find some proper clothes to wear that fit. It really took a load off my mind. ~Drew

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UGG Lenox Square

I have never in my life felt so much hostility and contempt from employees in my life in a store. I love the UGG brand, but don't know if I can ever go back to this store. There were about 6 employees, on their phones, disinterested completely in selling. One girl went and got shoes for me, dropped them off and got back on her phone. Didn't help me take them out of the box, ask about fit, check my fit, ask if I needed another size - literally nothing - she did not care. She just came back and said "these go back or you want them?" and said in not the kindest of tones. Very disgusting atmosphere. I'd find out who hires and trains at this store and replace that person with someone who gives a hoot and retrain those below or get new employees. I'd also not allow the staff to play on their cell phones instead of helping customers. I could feel so much hostility from them, smears and judgement. Shame because the store was beautifully decorated and the product wonderful. I had to literally ignore how awful they were. I wonder if corporate cares - someone does not that is in charge of that store - that is for sure. ~EJ

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We went to the store and told the girl there that I have an appointment for ear piercing. She didn’t say anything and walked away. We followed her, then she showed me the board for the kit. Then I asked her if the earring is silver, she said she didn’t know. Then she went to ask her coworker and never came back…. This is the most unpleasant shopping experience I’ve ever had 🙃Instead of impolitely looking me up and down, you guys could talk with me, you know? ~Zexuan

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I came into J crew looking for a wedding suit but had no clue what I wanted or even what size I was shopping for. I was greeted by a sales associate named Michael B. He was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. This is my first time experiencing such a premium level of customer support. Mike took his time and helped answer all of my questions while recommending suit pieces for me to try on. We decided on our pieces and I’m incredibly happy with the purchase! 10/10 service, if y’all come to the store. Look for Mike, that man is a life saver! ~Kero

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